Sunday, January 3, 2010

Home again

The trip to Orlando this year was amazing in many ways! I have always enjoyed going non stop to the parks with my girls while there, but this year, I got to experience lots of new changes.

First, Arielle stayed home, in HER home, with Jake, working, playing, making new Christmas traditions. I missed her, but I was okay. I remember the excitement of starting a new chapter with someone I loved. Nothing else is more important, and I really do remember.

Second, Amelia stayed home for a few days to work, and then joined us. So, she locked up my house, and drove down, alone, late, even spending time sleeping at ?? A rest stop? Or a WalMart parking lot? Not sure, but again, not so easy for momma. I managed. She managed. It all worked out.

Third, we were joined for our second week by Seth, boyfriend to Autumn; Pj, who is Seth's best friend; and Cassie, who is PJ's girlfriend, and friend to Autumn. So, a condo full of teens, and male teens, to boot. THAT gave me pause. I know that males don't eat the same as females (at least OUR house of females), so I did have to consider and plan for cooking a few serious meals.
Those who know me well, will know that I was challenged. LOL

And, then probably the biggest change was that I did not hit the parks each day with my girls, as is our usual habit. Instead, I stayed at the condo, reading, putting puzzles together, taking naps, soaking in the jacuzzi, and totally resting, while all of my crew of teens went and played. While this was totally different, it was totally okay, too. Autumn was worried that I was being left out, and wanted me to come one day, but it was cool knowing that she was with her sister and boyfriend, and other friends. I knew they would have fun. That was plenty good enough for me.

Sometimes I surprise myself. Had you asked me fifteen years ago, if this scenario would bother me, I would probably have said, yes. But, it didn't, and I am pleased that all of our needs were met, without the kids feeling constrained, and without me feeling left out or worried about them.

And, I think Seth and PJ had a particularly good time. Cassie, too, but she has been with us before to Orlando. This was the first time for the fellas. I think they really enjoyed it. How fun to be able to have offered them the opportunity to come and stay with us!